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Experience the last of the
ruling reptiles of the world

Welcome to the crocodile zoo of denmark.
Go on an adventure through the animal kingdom and greet the last reigning reptiles of the world. WE are the leading crocodile zoo in nothern europe

Crocodile Zoo of Denmark is the leading crocodile zoo in Northern Europe. We are able to present every crocodile species of the world. That means that we can introduce you to 150 individual crocodiles! We can furthermore let you greet Sobek, which is the largest crocodile of Europe. However, if you are not only interested in our extreme collection of crocodiles, we can as well take you through a large part of the animal kingdom. We will let you experience pumas, the Clouded leopards and many other magnificent animals.

Every day is different at the Crocodile Zoo of Denmark
You can go on an adventure in the Crocodile Zoo of Denmark on your own or follow our exciting daily program. The daily program consists of eight daily events, where our guides will tell you about the animals. It is FREE to follow the daily program. However, please note that a donation of DKK 25 is required for our conservation work with endangered crocodile species, if you wish to hold or touch an animal at a daily event.

Our conservation work with endangered crocodile species
The Crocodile Zoo of Denmark is currently cooperating with FUDECI to breed, raise and reintroduce the very endangered orinoco crocodiles to their natural habitat in Venezuela. A similiar agreement is also progress for the offspring of the cuban crocodiles in Crocodile Zoo René Hedegaaard, founder of Crocodile Zoo of Denmark, is acknowledged worldwide for his work with crocodiles and is today one of the world’s leading crocodile specialists. All donations goes directly to the projects of conservation and reintroduction of endangered crocodile species around the world.

We are working on an english page
Please note that we are currently working on an english version of our website. Until the launch of the english version, you can find some requested information on this page.
Our opening hours is Monday – Wednesday: Closed and Thursday – Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00. You can buy tickets online and save 10% of the cost or buy tickets at the entrance to the full price.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact the Crocodile Zoo of Denmark. We can be contacted by telephone: (+45) 5445 4242 or by e-mail:
We are sorry to inform you that our tropical hall is not suitable for visitors, who are disabled. We are currently working on improving this matter.

Please remember to visit
the large and friendly
giant tortoises

We are very proud to introduce you to three very large and friendly giant tortoises at the Crocodile Zoo of Denmark. Learn more about these magnificent animals at one of our daily events! Remember these animals experienced and survived dinosaurs and climate changes.

You can also get up close and personal with these beautiful and friendly giants together with our zookeeper who will tell you much more about them, while you enjoy the Zen-like personalities of the tortoises at our special Tortoise Visit

Why do we offer this? Our mission in Crocodile Zoo is to get you interested in nature and conservation, and 25% of your payment for the Tortoise Visit goes directly to our conservation programmes.

Group price 1-5 persons: 495,- 

Baby crocodiles of our Orinoco crocodiles are raised to the size of 100-120 cm. Hereafter they are released into their natural habitat in Venezuela. A similar agreement is also in process with Cuba and the hope is that in the future, this will be possible for other endangered species of croodiles around the world.