Welcome to Crocodile Zoo

The wildest news
This summer Crocodile Zoo equaled the world wide breeding record. Two eggs from the Siamese crocodile hatched and became species #9 to hatch in Crocodile Zoo. We do not expect this to be the end of it! There seems to be fair chances of breaking the record before too long.

Snappy hour
Weekends and holidays. Experience crocodile feeding at 2 pm. and learn about the toughest survivor ever.

Croc tour
Reserve a guided tour in Danish or English and hear about anything you wish to know about crocodiles.


Crocodiles has inhabited the Earth for more than 200 mio. years. They were here side by side with the dinosaurs. The crocodile might very well be the toughest survivor ever thanks to its amazing adaptability to extreme environmental circumstances.

Bredsnudede kaimaner 6mdr
Pay the Crocodile Zoo a visit and take part in our respect and joy for this incredible survivor.

We are proud to have the largest collection of crocodilians in Europe, and one of the largest in the world.

As well as 21 of the 23 living species of crocodiles, alligators, caimans and gharials, we have many other reptiles, primates and birds here at the Crocodile Zoo.

Please look around the website, there is plenty of information about our animals to be found on here.

Experience at close range the diversity of incredible species, lige from the small 1.5 m. Cuvier's dwarf caiman (that we are the first to breed in Denmark) to the very special gharial with its long and thin snout as well as both adults and young individuals from a whole range of species.

Besides crocodiles we have quite a few other reptiles and even birds and mammals too. Meet for example the big African pur-thighed tortoise and the green anaconda - the heaviest of all snake species. Remember, our staff is always ready to answers your questions.

See also meet our animals.

Big news from New Guinea

The crocodile monitor a.k.a. the tree crocodile - for the first time in Denmark (lat. artsnavn Varanus salvadorii). The crocodile monitor is the longest lizard in the world. Individuals of more than 4 m. have been observed in Nature. It is also the only of the big monitors that grabs with its tail while climbing.

Come and see the crocodile monitor in Krokodille Zoo from Monday the 12th of October.

Varanus salvadorii

Nature conservation

We are heavily involved with conservation projects around the world - predominantly with crocodilians. A part of each and every entry fee goes toward crocodilian conservation projects.

The Crocodile Zoo is owned by Rene Hedegaard, who is a member of the Crocodile Specialist Group.

A visit to the Crocodile Zoo will give you insights and new appreciation of these amazing animals. Your visit will be overseen by crocodile experts, and will contribute to crocodile conservation.